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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who moved my Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese?
The Phenomenon

The story of Who Moved My Cheese? was created by Dr. Spencer Johnson to help him deal with a difficult change in his life. It showed him how to take his changing situation seriously but not take himself so seriously.

When his friends noticed how much better lifehad become for him, and asked why, Dr. Johnson shared his “Cheese” story. Many later commented how hearing the story had helped them to keep their sense of humor, to change, and to gain something better, too.

Two decades after the story was created, Who Moved My Cheese? was finally published. It soon became a #1 international bestseller, with one million hardcover copies in print within the first sixteen months and over ten million copies within the next two years.

Some critics do not understand why so many people find the book so valuable. They say the story is simple enough for a child to understand, and it insults their intelligence. Some even fear it suggests that people should mindlessly conform to unnecessary changes imposed by others, although that is not in the story.

The author has commented that both the fans and the critics are “right” in their own way. It is not what is in the story of Who Moved My Cheese? but how you interpret it and apply it to your own situation that gives it value.

Hopefully the way you interpret the story of Who Moved My Cheese? and put it into action in your life will help you find and enjoy the “New Cheese” you deserve

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