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Monday, February 8, 2010

biology: a self-teaching guide, 2nd edition


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  • A complete course, from cells to the circulatory system

  • Hundreds of questions and many review tests

  • Key concepts and terms defined and explained

Master key concepts. Answer challenging questions. Prepare for exams. Learn at your own pace.

Are viruses living? How does photosynthesis occur? Is cloning a form of sexual or asexual reproduction? What is Anton van Leeuwenhoek known for? With Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide, Second Edition, you’ll discover the answers to these questions and many more.

Steven Garber explains all the major biological concepts and terms in this newly revised edition, including the origin of life, evolution, cell biology, reproduction, physiology, and botany. The step-by-step, clearly structured format of Biology makes it fully accessible to all levels of students, providing an easily understood, comprehensive treatment of all aspects of life science.

Like all Self-Teaching Guides, Biology allows you to build gradually on what you have learned–at your own pace. Questions and self-tests reinforce the information in each chapter and allow you to skip ahead or focus on specific areas of concern. Packed with useful, up-to-date information, this clear, concise volume is a valuable learning tool and reference source for anyone who needs to master the science of life.


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Customer Buzz


 "biology made simple!!!" 2009-10-08

By B. Garber

My uncle is the author of this book, and he gave me a copy, and it helped me a whole hell of a lot in my Biology class! It cut things down right to the point and the vocab words with the quizzes were actually fun to do! I love this book!!!!!!!

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 "Easy to learn, great reference for college biology" 2004-09-04

By tom23 (Washington, USA)

I found this book to help me to clarify the concepts learned in my biology textbook. Cell biology, Evolution, Origin of Life and Animal Physiology were explained with simple language. It was actually more enjoyable to read then my textbook. What I really found outstanding was the following which I got on amazon--

The Ultimate Study Guide for Biology: Key Review Questions and Answers with Explanations (Volume 1 isbn;1933023007, Volume 2 isbn; 1933023015, Volume 3 isbn; 1933023023)

These 3 study guides had similar questions to my college biology exams. Well worth the investment because it made my studying much more effective.

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 "Best Biology Book Ever Written" 2004-01-04


For the money you can't beat Steven Daniel Garber's biology book, "Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide." He has done what virtually no one has ever been able to do. Explain biology in clear, succinct, beautiful brushstrokes that actually get each and every important concept and term across to both the casual reader and the frantic student trying to cram before the next exam. Garber has a knack for telling a story. Any story. Be it about insect blood or about impulses traveling down a nerve cell. He only says what the reader must know. No frills. But he always says it beautifully. In a manner that actually makes this book hard to put down. Now tell me the same thing about another biology book in the history of the world. I'll bet you can't. He's the best technical writer ever. And I mean ever.

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 "Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide" 2002-12-20


Clear, succinct, explains everything really well. I wish all my texts were this easy to understand.

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 "Not a good survey of the material" 2000-04-04


Do not be misled by the generally high quality of Mr. Garber's previous work. The "self-teaching" guide is more vocabulary list than textbook. Critical missing features include (a) some notion of life as _process_ rather than a lengthy list of elements of cell anatomy, (b) poikilothermy appears in end-of-chapter questions, but the text does not compare it with homeothermy in any useful way, (c) comparative anatomy illustrations are not drawn to scale, making it difficult to make appropriate comparisons. The vocabulary lists and end-of-chapter multiple choice questions would save a first-year teaching assistant some time preparing for classes for non-majors. The book is not much help in acquiring a general understanding of the basic science.

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