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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

homework helpers: biology


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Biology is a science full of terms and concepts that range from the hard-to-imagine, such as the structure of an atom, to those we see every day, such as the structure of our own face in the mirror. How are these ideas and concepts related? What's the best way to learn and remember them? Designed to be used with the class textbook (or in place of the totally incomprehensible one!), Homework Helpers: Biology is a user friendly review book that will make any student-or those trying to help them-feel like he or she has a private Biology tutor. Concepts from the most obvious to the most complex are presented and explained in everyday English with a wide variety of diagrams, charts and illustrations. The Homework Helpers Series is just what students need to boost their confidence and give them the help they need to ace even the most challenging classes.



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 "good reference" 2010-04-07

By Constance, loves dogs & books, in no particular order (California)

I purchased this book to give to a friend who is struggling in high school Biology. She and her college-age tutor say it is very useful to look up and get a different take on the material. Plus, her textbook isn't very good so this book aids the whole process of learning the material.

Her tutor told her to keep it through college too, so the tutor liked it too.

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 "An excellent self study book" 2008-09-07

By Krishan K. Laroia

The material has been presented in a lucid manner. Anyone can quite easily master the topics covered in the text. However, I feel that a few left out areas could be included.

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 "Biology Review" 2008-05-28

By Jeannie Farahnak (Texas)

This is a good review of the basics of biology. I'm also reading the Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus versions of this series. They're all a pretty good review of the basics.

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 "Excellent Book For Biology CLEP Exam" 2008-04-13

By Paul Ammann (New Fairfield, CT United)

I took the CLEP exam for biology, and this was the best book for studying. The chapters on how a cell works, functions of the organelles, and the study of genetics were in line with the exam. This book was worth the investment.

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 "High School student" 2007-12-13

By Christy Burke (Winchester, VA United States)

My 10th grade son was haveing a very hard time in Biology. I got this book to help us study and his grades came up and he understood more.

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