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Friday, January 22, 2010

biology: concepts and connections (6th edition)


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  Biology: Concepts & Connections, 6/e continues to be the most accurate, current, and pedagogically effective  book on the market. This extensive revision builds upon the book’s best-selling success with exciting new and updated features. KEY TOPICS: THE LIFE OF THE CELL, The Chemical Basis of Life, The Molecules of Cells, A Tour of the Cell, The Working Cell, How Cells Harvest Chemical Energy, Photosynthesis: Using Light to Make Food, The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance, Patterns of Inheritance, Molecular Biology of the Gene, How Genes Are Controlled, DNA Technology and Genomics, How Populations Evolve, The Origin of Species, Tracing Evolutionary History,  The Origin and Evolution of Microbial Life: Prokaryotes and Protists, Plants, Fungi, and the Colonization of Land,  The Evolution of Invertebrate Diversity,The Evolution of Vertebrate Diversity, Unifying Concepts of Animal Structure and Function,  Nutrition and Digestion, Gas Exchange, Circulation, The Immune System, Control of Body Temperature and Water Balance,  Hormones and the Endocrine System,  Reproduction and Embryonic Development,  Nervous Systems, The Senses, How Animals Move, Plant Structure, Reproduction, and Development, Plant Nutrition and Transport, Control Systems in Plants, The Biosphere: An Introduction to Earth's Diverse Environments,  Behavioral Adaptations to the Environment, Population Ecology, Communities and Ecosystems, Conservation and Restoration Biology. For all readers interested in learning the basics of biology.



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 "it was a a book with good condition.. as stated to web page.." 2009-10-08

By H. Singh (hayward,ca)

i got this book in gud condition but there were some marks inside the book..but was fine

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 "Best Bio Book Ever" 2009-10-06

By K. Hoff

So this book is in our University Bookstore used for $190 and I was extremely happy to find in it online in new condition for a lot less..

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 "awesome.." 2009-10-05

By Ashley J. Tulecki

it came fast, and the description was right on point. the shipping expense was not too expensive and was wrapped excellent.

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 "Magical" 2009-09-23

By John T. Mossbacher

Just wonderful. I asked for a used book in good condition and that is what I got. I even got full use of the original product key for online use!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me that much needed couple bucks. I had to sell my car to buy the rest of my books but every penny counts. Thanks again


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 "problem" 2009-09-16

By KK (DC)

Bought this used book through Amazon but the book had a broken spine. Very disappointing purchase.

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