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Sunday, January 24, 2010

student study guide for biology


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This printed learning aid provides a concept map of each chapter, chapter summaries, word roots, chapter tests, and a variety of interactive questions including multiple-choice, short-answer essay, labeling art, and graph-interpretation questions.



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 "Amazing" 2009-11-05

By Michelle M. Sydney (Colorado)

I had ordered this for my daughter from someone else and never received it. This one came in perfect condition within days of ordering it!!!!

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 "Well worth the money" 2009-10-21

By Student in Seattle

I have bought a lot of student study guides in my life, and many of them have been nearly worthless. This one is not. The main textbook goes into so much detail that it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the main points of the chapters. This study guide does a wonderful job of bringing the key concepts into focus. The chapter summaries are clear and concise, covering all the main points of the chapters without going into too much detail (you can read the main text if you want detail). Latin word roots are explained (to help with memorization) in each chapter, and the in-chapter questions and post-chapter quizzes are fantastic, with answers and explanations to the questions provided at the back of the book.

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 "As advertised" 2009-09-18

By Cherie R. Loeffler (Co)

The study guide I purchased for my daughter was in perfect condition and shipped very quickly. The price was much less than what the school book store was selling it for and it was the correct book. To ensure this I had my daughter jot down the bar code number from the book in the book store to verify a correct purchase. Any time you can find "savings" on college books is time well spent. Thank you Amazon!

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 "Quick and easy." 2009-09-03

By V. Felix

I oreded it and two days later i had it.

the book was in good condition.

NO complaints.

got what i expected

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 "Very helpful, but not perfect" 2009-07-06

By V. Pasricha (Long Island, NY)

This book helped me a lot in test preparation for my college course with its review questions. My professor still tested the class on even more details though. Therefore it will not guarantee you an "A" grade.

I would recommend this book to someone who does not have the time to read the textbook over and over again.

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