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Tuesday, January 26, 2010



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Biology is a comprehensive introductory biology textbook for non-majors or mixed-majors courses that covers biology in a traditional order from the structure and function of the cell to the organization of the biosphere. The book, which centers on the evolution and diversity of organisms, is appropriate for a one- or two-semester course.

It's no wonder that Sylvia Mader's Biology continues to be a text that's appreciated as much by instructors as it is by the students who use it. The ninth edition is the epitome of Mader's expertise: Its concise, precise writing uses an economy of words to present the material as succinctly and clearly as possible, thereby enabling students -- even non-majors -- to understand the concepts without necessarily asking the instructor to explain further.


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 "awesome text easy to read. no problems with amazon" 2010-01-12

By debhuishmac

One of the most clearly written biology texts. I order all texts from Amazon with no problem and no mixup of editions (all one needs to do is type in ISBN number to be sure you get correct editions). I guess buyer above used a seller other than Amazon.

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By Skylar J. Vogt (aurora, il)

seller false advertises. claims to sell hard cover north american books and then sends international versions. when trying to contact seller it takes forever to get a response. do not buy from this selller

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