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Sunday, March 14, 2010

biology: a guide to the natural world (4th edition)


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Key Benefit: David Krogh’s fluent writing style guides readers through the natural world of biology using relevant examples, clearly-developed illustrations, and interesting analogies that resonate with readers.

Key Topics: Science as a Way of Learning: A Guide to the Natural World, Fundamental Building Blocks: Chemistry, Water, and pH, Life’s Components: Biological Molecules, Life’s Home: The Cell, Life’s Border: The Plasma Membrane, Life’s Mainspring: An Introduction to Energy, Vital Harvest: Deriving Energy from Food, The Green World’s Gift: Photosynthesis, Genetics and Cell Division, Preparing for Sexual Reproduction: Meiosis, The First Geneticist: Mendel and His Discoveries, Units of Heredity: Chromosomes and Inheritance, Passing On Life’s Information: DNA Structure and Replication, How Proteins Are Made: Genetic Transcription, Translation, and Regulation, The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be: Biotechnology, An Introduction to Evolution Charles Darwin, Evolutionary Thought, and the Evidence for Evolution, The Means of Evolution: Microevolution, The Outcomes of Evolution: Macroevolution, A Slow Unfolding: The History of Life on Earth, Arriving Late, Traveling Far: The Evolution of Human Beings, Viruses, Bacteria, Archaea, and Protists: The Diversity of Life 1, Fungi and Plants: The Diversity of Life 2, Animals: The Diversity of Life 3, The Angiosperms: An Introduction to Flowering Plants, The Angiosperms: Form and Function in Flowering Plants, Communication and Control: The Nervous and Endocrine Systems, Defending the Body: The Immune System, Transport and Exchange 1: Blood and Breath, Transport and Exchange 2: Digestion, Nutrition, and Elimination, An Amazingly Detailed Script: Animal Development, How the Baby Came to Be: Human Reproduction, An Interactive Living World 1: Populations in Ecology,

An Interactive Living World 2: Communities in Ecology, An Interactive Living World 3: Ecosystems and Biomes, Animals and Their Actions: Animal Behavior

Market: Intended for those interested in learning the basics of biology



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 "very BAD quality" 2010-02-15

By L. Smith

This book was in HORRIBLE condition when i got it. It looked like someone dropped in water and left it there for a few days. It looks like mold spots are stained inside the book. I was not happy with this purchase.

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 "Excellent service, fast shipping" 2010-01-30

By Vickii Dettrey

The book was received in exactly the condition as was described. Shipping was fast. I would readily do business with this seller in the future. Thank you.

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 "Quick delivery, great new condition!" 2009-09-28

By B. Duran

Needed the book fast for class. The book was new and I received it fast! I give it an excellent rating...

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 "stay away from this seller LAZY and LIES" 2009-03-27

By City

didnt rec till well after xmas and reply from (dec 22) seller had stayed they had shipped it. shipping label dated dec28. along with taking their lazy time to ship item, they also lied about when they shipped it. will not do bussiness with this seller ever again. i dont care if they r selling text book for .01 . if i could i'd give them zero stars but i did rec text book.

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 "THANK YOU!!!" 2009-03-26

By Tina Mcevoy

The book was in great condition and got here fairly quickly!! I might add this was the only one of my text book that I ended up receiving from this website so that's why I am thanking you!!!

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