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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

biology made simple


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Take the frustration out of learning the science of life!

Biology is the most fundamental science?yet it’s one of the most complex. Now, Biology Made Simple is here to help science and non-science majors alike understand the science of life. Covering all the major themes of biology—including the cellular basis of life, the interaction of organisms, and the evolutionary process of all beings, Biology Made Simple combines concise explanations with the in-depth coverage needed to understand every aspect of this subject. Topics covered include:

unifying themes of biology

chemistry for the biologist

the living cell




animal organization and homeostasis

the systems of the body


Featuring more than sixty illustrations and at-a-glance chapter reviews, Biology Made Simple will help you master this fascinating science.



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 "Great Book" 2010-03-06

By M. Dana (Commerce Twp., MI USA)

My wife went back to college and had to take Biology, this book was invaluable in helping jumpstart her to get an A+ in the class!

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 "a little too simple" 2009-11-18

By Justin S. Jamali (michigan)

so i started going on a binge of buying a lot of these types of books because i was so pleased with organic chemistry for dummies. which if you are taking organic chemistry i really recommend as a must have book. i always make sure to check the reviews first to make sure they are good, but i am always displeased. i end up wasting time i could be spending with my required textbooks from school, or resources and practice problems the instructor provided. if you are in a college level course they are often a bit too simple. such as this book. it skims over and maybe lightens up some details you might find useful, but a hardcore biology course goes into the real nooks and crannies of biology which you just cannot get from a 200 page summary book. i dont know what everyone's classes are like, but i know that your ultimate goal in a class is to be able to answer test questions and bring home those A's, and i dont believe this book provides resources to answer any of the tough questions presented in a serious college level course. also a lot of professors base their tests around the book they require. just read your required book and if it doesnt make sense read it again, and if it doesnt make sense, read it again, and if it doesnt make sense, read it again. that is my rant.

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 "ABC of Biology" 2007-07-21

By B. V. Tijerina (San Antonio, TX)

This book was so helpful & easy to understand. I also took Biology in the summer and it helped me get an "A". When I used it with my undergrad book; it was like reading a summary or each chapter. I highly recommend it.

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 "Biology made A+" 2006-08-25

By SD (New York, NY USA)

I just took Biology for the first time in College but during the summer session. Without this book I don't know what I would've done. A whole semester was cut down to a month so absorbing material was a matter of life or fail. This book help me understand what seemed to be the hardest concept. I totally recommend it.

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 "Good reference for biology" 2004-09-18

By J. B. (Philadelphia, PA)

I found this book to help a lot when studying the structure of DNA, Genetics and five kingdoms. I was assigned Campell's Biology for my undergrad biology 1 and 2 classes. Although this textbook had every topic imaginable about college biology, I found Biology Made Simple easier to comprehend. I also used

The Ultimate Study Guide for Biology: Key Review Questions and Answers with Explanations by Patrick Leonardi

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3

These last three study guides were so good for preparing me for the type of questions to look out for on my bio midterms and finals. They helped me get excellent grades.

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