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Thursday, September 24, 2009

ePublish: Self-Publish Fast and Profitably for Kindle, iPhone, CreateSpace and Print on Demand

Buy Cheap ePublish: Self-Publish Fast and Profitably for Kindle, iPhone, CreateSpace and Print on Demand

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Sell your book now, in eBook and paperback! Book marketing guru Steve Weber shares the secrets big publishers don't want you to know:

▲ Profit now by uploading your book to Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iPhone, and other mobile platforms.

▲ Turn your text into a profitable paperback edition with no upfront costs for printing, storage, or shipping.

▲ Get free, global exposure with no marketing costs.

▲ Discover why you don't need a traditional publisher or agent.

▲ Get reviews for your book and maximize sales.

▲ See the fastest, cheapest way to copyright a book in your name.

▲ Get tax breaks and home-office write offs.

▲ Price your content for maximum profits.

▲ Cut out costly middlemen.

▲ Spin off your books into more cash-producing formats.

▲ Expand your income and marketing with podcasting.

No longer must new writers "pay their dues" by working for free and getting rejection notes. Now you can upload your sample chapter or short story to Amazon and other platforms and start selling it now.

When do you want to start, and how much do you want to pay? You can pay thousands of dollars to a "self-publishing company" that might take months to get your book on the market, and screw everything up in the process. Or you can do it yourself the right way. You can read ePublish by Steve Weber, and get the advice you need to get started now -- at the lowest possible cost, with the lowest possible risk, and highest possible chance of success.


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Customer Buzz
 "Very useful book" 2009-09-01
By Raymond Pun (Singapore)
The information are organized well. Lots of useful tips and help for a rookie e-publisher.

Customer Buzz
 "Great Resource" 2009-08-28
By The Dude (Nashua, NH)
Great resource if you want to publish an ebook. Give real techniques instead of that fake BS you find with the internet marketing scam artists

Customer Buzz
 "Extra money if you are going to self-publish" 2009-07-27
By Kevin Sivils - KCS Basketball Enterprises (Katy, TX)
I doubt I personally will ever purchase an e-book. I simply like the tactile aspect of holding a book, marking it up, dog earing it, and making it my own. As a self-published author, I would never have considered publishing anything as an e-book, e-whatever. Until I read Steve Weber's book ePublish.

To be honest, the only reason I obtained a copy was I had read his other books about the publishing field and learned so much from them that I decided to obtain this as well. It is short, informative, easy to read, and contains websites for just about every service an author will need in order to sell books in an e-format. Even if you plan to publish a traditional paper book, this is a great source of information including where to obtain freelance cover designers or copy editors. There is even a chapter on how to convert an e-book into a print-on-demand paper edition.

I now plan to make several of my books available as e-books - not because I ever want to read them in that version, but because it may hep the bottom line of my little business and it won't take that much more work for me to provide my books for sale in that format. This little book provides you with the information you will need to take the first step in the process of becoming an e-publisher!

Review by Kevin Sivils, author of Self-Publishing with Amazon's CreateSpace: A Resource Guide for the Author Considering Self-Publishing.

Customer Buzz
 "Getting your content published isn't as hard as you might think..." 2009-07-25
By Thomas Duff (Portland, OR United States)
There's a good chance that if you want to write and publish a book, you'll struggle to find a publisher who can and will take you on. It's even worse if you're a first time author, or if your subject matter is rather narrow. Steve Weber shows how you can explore alternatives in his book ePublish: Self-Publish Fast and Profitably for Kindle, iPhone, CreateSpace and Print on Demand. What you quickly learn is that you *can* be published with little money at risk, and the margins at which you can make worthwhile money are not as high as you might think.

Table of Contents:

Introduction; Dive Into Electronic Text; Publish To The Kindle Store; Target The Mobile Reader; Give It Away And Prosper; Ready, Aim, Format!; Weave Your Web; Wag The Long Tail; Rise Above The Noise; Graduate To Print; Write Off Your Expenses; More Resources; Index

The rise of electronic publishing makes the barrier to entry much lower than in the past. Weber explains how devices like the Kindle and the iPhone can be leveraged to prepare and publish your book electronically, and how formatting and pricing comes into play. There are pros and cons of each different platform, and a single formatting option will not cover them all. You'll learn what choices you'll need to make, and how they might affect your eventual monetary return on your time and effort. I also like how he covers something often left out... publicity. If you go the self-publishing route, you'll be responsible for all your own press. Using web sites, reviewers, affiliate sites, and the like can overcome that "lost in a crowd effect", and there's plenty of ideas in here. And for the "dead tree" crowd (of which I am a member), he covers the requirements to go down the Print On Demand route. This is perfect for many authors in that they don't have to pre-order a ton of copies. The books are printed when ordered, so your cash outlay and risk is minimal, and the margin of profit on each sale is much higher. Add into all this content his advice on how best to protect your rights and tax implications, and you have a very valuable book well worth its cost (which isn't much).

As with many books like this (how to make money doing ), the success stories used are such that you may feel you have only to write a couple hundred pages and money will start rolling in. Not true... If your writing is garbage and the material is not well-edited, it doesn't matter how much you publish... it won't sell. But assuming you *do* have good content worth reading and buying, ePublish will help you make that transition from idea to reality. I am already starting to think of a few ideas for this option...

Customer Buzz
 "Full of Great Resources" 2009-07-13
By Kim (California)
I always learn a lot from Steve Weber's books and this one is no exception. This book takes you through the whole process of formatting the book to send electronically to marketing and connecting with other writers and readers online. There are plenty of online resources given on everything from formatting to promotion. And as always Mr. Weber presents the information in a clear and concise manner.

The author also includes tips for writers wishing to print books as well. Writers will learn how to get an ISBN no. for their printed books which is a necessity in order to have retailers and libraries locate printed books to purchase. Some other great resources included are: sites where writers can go to get feedback before they are published and for book lovers sites to connect with other readers by listing one's personal book collection. Any author considering ebooks should definitely add EPublish to their reference list.

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Buy ePublish: Self-Publish Fast and Profitably for Kindle, iPhone, CreateSpace and Print on Demand Now

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