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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Gold Coin

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This is a true story. My father wanted you to hear it, and so I wrote it for you, and for him, of course. Did you ever see the movie, Pay it Forward? It promotes a truly inspiring message: when someone does you a favor, no need to pay it back—pay it forward and do a favor for someone else. This story, my father's story, has an element of that in it. Perhaps it is more than an element. I don't know. You can decide. 100% of my royalties for this story will be donated to Casa de Ampara, a children's charity in my town.

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 "Reality Gives Birth to the Surreal and Gives Meaning to Life" 2008-03-22
By Shannon D. Melcher (Texas, USA)
Crafted from real-world experiences, Kathe Gogolewski engagingly weaves a story of ever-lasting love and compassion through the odd circumstances between herself and her father.

Life, death, conscious, unconsciousness and the materialistic take on all new meanings for anyone fortunate enough to read "The Golden Coin."

For those of us who have suffered the varying stages of grief, and experienced what seemed to be elements of the paranormal through our dreams- this book will touch your heart and ultimately bring you feelings of peace, joy and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.

I love Amazon Shorts, as they offer a reader with scant time to spare an opportunity to fulfill desires for satisfying prose. Kathe Gogolewski spins a wonderful, compelling tale in only eight pages- brilliantly done!

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 "A Father's Gift" 2008-03-03
By Judith W. Colombo (Deposit, NY United States)

We all have vivid dreams, and often we relate them to family and friends. They usually listen and say things like, "Wow! That was some dream alright." Seldom does this dream become a life changing experience for the listener. In "The Gold Coin" it does.

The author starts the narrative by describing a dream her father related to her when she visited him in the hospital. He dreamed that he was transported to a beautiful wild garden where he discovered that he was holding gold coins. He started giving them out to people who found that once they had a gold coin all their needs disappeared. These people passed them on to others who also gave them away.

As time passed, the author's memory of her father's dream faded, until fifteen years later when she suddenly remembered the dream in vivid detail. This began her journey toward self discovery. However, it was only after her father's death and through a series of events that she came to understand what the dream truly meant and to appreciate it as the gift it was, her father's gold coin to her.

This is a story of a daughter's love for her father, but most importantly, it is one woman's discovery of what really matters in life.

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 "A touching story!" 2006-10-05
By C. McGuire (Alpharetta, GA)
A very touching and emotional story about a moment of connection between a father and a daughter. The definition of the connection as a gift to be passed on is what makes the story truly inspirational. A very nice lift in your day!

Customer Buzz
 "An uplifting message for the heart..." 2006-10-05
By N. R. Schneider (California)
A very well told and touching story... with a lot of truth to it! A solid "moral" with a very peaceful and freeing message to the heart. This is not just a must-read, but a must-have and read again and again. Pass it on to others! You can feel the sincerity of the author through throughout the story. :)

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