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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Instant Book Writing Kit - How to Write, Publish and Market Your Own Money-Making Book (or Ebook) Online

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Instant Book Writing Kit is a comprehensive step-by-step book-writing manual that reveals previously unknown secrets about how to make money online with a book or an eBook (i.e. via the Internet) using the little known Online Publishing Model. It shows you EXACTLY how to write, publish and market your own book/ebook using three online distribution channels rather than via the old money-losing standard book publishing model. The kit's unique 17 Action Steps For Online Publishing Success provide a step-by-step walkthrough explaining exactly how ANY aspiring author/publisher can implement this breakthrough model and make significantly more money than with the traditional book publishing method. Anyone wanting to make some decent money from their book/ebook will definitely want access to this valuable information.

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Customer Buzz
 "Somewhat Outdated, but Still Relevant" 2008-04-09
By B. Scott (Waterloo, IL USA)
The concepts are valid and the instructions are good, but there are several references and internet tools which are no longer available or are simply outdated. This book is dated (copyrighted) 2004, and four years in the online world is a verrrry long time. It wouldn't take much to revise this book and bring it up to date, but the author hasn't seen fit to do this, at least not yet. One has to know where to go to find current tools to substitute for the outdated ones. However, I think the overall value is still there.

Customer Buzz
 "The book to organize step by step your writing" 2007-02-12
By Felipe Tudela
I have two non fiction books published. Alas, I discovered Shaun Fawcett book after my books were already in print. In it I found many things I had to learn the hard way. I have read many books on how to write books, some of them excellent, but they did not have this step by step approach plus a flowchart. I was dreaming of a book of this kind, with a fully developed step by step plan. Well this book exists. If you plan to be a non fiction writer this book will avoid you costly mistakes and will accelerate your path towards success. Also, it will enable you to become an author-entrepreneur of your own books. The key to it is the step by step plan. Buy it!

Customer Buzz
 "This book will COMPEL you to write YOUR book!!" 2005-09-01
By Stephen Remer (Acworth, GA USA)
And if you follow the author's 17 point plan, in my humble opinion, it will make you a successful author as well. The 17 point plan takes you right through the entire process and shows you exactly how to market your book in three totally independent channels, including obviously, the one you see here at Amazon where you'll notice the author is able to offer both a digital and print version of the book. He shows you exactly how to implement this!

Let me put it to you this way: when I showed the plan this book lays out to a potential investor, I got them to agree in principle to advance me $2,700 against a share in future profits on the self-help book I am authoring. The investor is going to want to see the finished product, of course, but since he's already a successful business owner, he immediately saw the profit potential that the author's 17 point plan would produce if that plan was executed in its entirety, which is exactly what I am doing.

Two words: Money Talks!!

This book is allowing me to reinvent myself in a way that draws on my strengths as a writer and a marketer. I'll be always grateful that the author, Shaun Fawcett, chose to write it! I'd say 432 stars, but Amazon only allows 5, so I have to customize and add the other 427. BUY IT! You'll be glad you did.

Customer Buzz
 "HIghly relevant advice for the independent writer" 2005-08-26
By Gregory F. Brown (Chicago, IL United States)
This book does a great job of giving practical advice for the independent writer. It shows that getting a successful book is very do-able. It's free of fluff and extraneous information. Instead, it's focused on helping you get the book done and sold. Of particular interest to me was his advice to "Create your Sales Mini-Site" and "Create a free mini-course."

Customer Buzz
 "All you need to know" 2005-03-17
By Dawesio
This truly is a comprehensive manual on how to write and publish an ebook, covering everything from font styles to obtaining copyright and ISBN numbers, marketing the final product (including affiliates), arranging for payment processing, and utilizing "Print On Demand." Unlike many books of this type, it doesn't sugar coat the task at hand, but rather offers practical advice ranging from how to obtain a professionally designed cover to overcoming the dreaded "writer's block." Finally, his critique of the traditional publishing model is the best I've ever read!

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Buy Instant Book Writing Kit - How to Write, Publish and Market Your Own Money-Making Book (or Ebook) Online Now

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