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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry & eBook

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In the Fifth Edition, authors Dave Nelson and Mike Cox combine the best of the   laboratory and best of the classroom, introducing exciting new developments while communicating basic principles through a variety of new learning tools—from new in-text worked examples and data analysis problems to the breakthrough eBook, which seamlessly integrates the complete text and its media components.


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Customer Buzz
 "Yay Cheap Biochem Books" 2009-09-18
By M. Leith
Got this textbook in excellent condition for over 50% less than what the school bookstore was asking.

Customer Buzz
 "Looks good" 2009-07-01
By Julie S. Sharp
Book is in fairly good shape and the previous owner delivered it in a timely fashion.

Customer Buzz
 "I know you gotta have it" 2009-06-29
By Cheryl M. Randall (Monroe, LA)
I know that if you're buying this book, its probably not a choice. As textbooks go, however, this one is a good one. Its well organized and well written. I also know that if you're buying a biochemistry book, you are probably also seeking training beyond a bachelor's degree. This book will serve you well as a reference in the future, so don't sell it back. If you do sell it back, however, you will probably get a good price for it. Since you gotta have the book, you may as well buy it here and save some bread. I think mine was about $82 for a new copy, compared to around $200 for a new one at the book store. I don't know where you go to school, but this is also probably the text for two semesters of biochem, not just one, so if you like the subject matter as much as I do, you'll get 2 semesters' worth out of it.

Customer Buzz
 "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry by Albert Lehninger" 2009-05-26
By Ming

This book has some wonderful illustrative examples. The language used in the text was considerately user-friendly. There were not many "big" non-science words which helped to maintain clarity. It made for a great supplement for my professor's lecture because I didn't necessarily have to read every [boring] line.


The text was not very engaging-it was difficult to read any "large" chunks consecutively without losing interest. [For the most part, I would consider this textbook to fit the stereotype of "another boring textbook"]

Customer Buzz
 "Great introduction to biochemistry" 2009-01-05
By The Mad Scientist (Iowa)
This was the first biochemistry book that I ever read and I was very pleased with the way it presents the material as well as the order of topics covered. It covers all the essential topics needed for a one year introductory course in biochemistry and it explains the topics in a very clear and precise manner. I have read other biochemistry textbooks and this is still my favorite. One thing I really enjoyed is how it relates the material to the real world (i.e. medicine, disease, etc) as well as providing brief biographies on some major contributors to the field and how they came to their discoveries.

Great book, after you read this if you are looking for even more info on biochem I recommend you check out Voet&Voet or Berg/Stryer/Tymoczko.

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