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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Accounting, Chapters 1-23 Student Value Edition and MyAccountingLab with Full Ebook Student Access Code Package (8th Edition)

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For Principle of Accounting Courses


Students understand (or “get it”) right after you do a problem in class.  However, as soon as they leave class, their ability to do the problems and complete their homework diminishes with each passing hour.  Often times this results in students struggling to complete their homework on their own.  Even worse, the frustration can lead to students quitting on the material altogether and falling behind in the course.  As a result, an entire class can fall behind as instructors attempt to keep everyone on the same page.


With the Accounting 8e Student Learning System, all features of the student textbook, study resources and online homework system are designed to work together to provide students with more “I Get It!” moments.  The consistency, repetition and strong details throughout the entire student learning system allow students to achieve success both inside and outside the classroom while keeping both instructors and students on track.


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Customer Buzz
 "nothing but trouble" 2009-10-10
By John Rausch (Oregonia, Ohio, USA)
i bought this book knowing that the added myaccountinglab. ( a computer based math homework and quiz simulation program) came with the book. i have had previous experiences with mymathlab, and i knew what i was getting into, but the it is the only way the course is offered. SO. myaccountinglab as expected is a hideous way of teacher students the subject of math. the program runs off algorithms, and selects random numbers so you cant even consult with your teacher if it isnt already a hassle to talk to your teacher over the computer. the program offers little information on really explaining things the way the book even does. they may use one term in the book, but then use another in the online program. the questions are also not specific enough, and you start entering numbers in the provided fields and then 'oops' WRONG. you have to go back all the way from the beginning, just so you can fix a small mistake. it really does not leave any room for user/interface error. once you get part of the question wrong with your 3 chances you have, you are no given explanations to what you did wrong, nor can you ask the program what you did wrong, it just says WRONG and moves on.

i have so many problems with this program it really does not reflect what i really know on the subject. I take this class both in a classroom 2 days a week on campus, and then do the Homework and Quizes off the program. and every day i go into class, nearly 80% of my class has a problem with the program. we spend more than 30 minutes out of the 2 hour class every time, just for talking about how and what the problems are in the program. we even has a writers for the program come into class and we spent the whole 2 hour class with the myaccounting lab up on the projector going over example problems, and as a class everyone spotted at least one or 2 problems with how the program teaches or asks something.

In any and all cases that we should not be using these expensive. by the way $[...] spent of this bull. it is nothing but a waist of your money. if you are required to take and use the program, i am dearly sorry, but this program is terrible beyond belief.

TOTAL CRAP! end of story

Customer Buzz
 "disappointed" 2009-09-12
By D. Locks (MI)
Ordered this book the first day of class with priority shipping. Took them a week to ship and it was the Friday of a holiday weekend. Homework was due from the access code and I was unable to access it. Had to hassle my professor for extensions right off the about a great first impression! Very disappointed in Amazon. Should have spent the extra money at the bookstore. Ordered it the last week of August, and received it the second week of September.

Customer Buzz
 "Student Value Edition" 2009-05-30
By Elizabeth Farley (Columbia, MD USA)
I ordered this product and I thought I was getting a paperback book. Instead it is loose paper without binding. If you order this student value edition, you will have to buy a binder to put the pages in. There are about 1200 pages in the book. Please be aware of that before ordering. However, it is the complete book with Access Code to "My Accounting Lab".

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Buy Accounting, Chapters 1-23 Student Value Edition and MyAccountingLab with Full Ebook Student Access Code Package (8th Edition) Now

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