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Monday, October 26, 2009

Self-Publishing EBooks and PODs: One Step at a Time - Second Edition

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Bestselling eBook writer and publisher, Timothy Sean Sykes shares his secrets for success in these new, wide open fields! After years of publishing with a major east-coast publisher, Sykes decided to strike out on his own. "Why," he thought, "should I continue giving away 95% of my books’ income to someone who didn’t write it (and doesn’t do a very good job of marketing it)? I can do better!"
And he did!
Within a year of his decision, he’d not only devised a plan, started his own self-publishing business, and written several new books, he’d also sold nearly 1,500 eBooks and Print-On-Demand books. What’s more? He didn’t have to share the profits with anyone!
In Self-Publishing eBooks & PODs: One Step at a Time, Sykes walks you through how he did it, and what you’ll need to do it, too. He details what it cost, and what corners you can (and can’t) cut. And he even gets you started toward marketing your efforts.
This Second Edition contains completely updated instructions for Adobe Reader 7 and Adobe Acrobat Pro 7, as well as updated requirements for retailers, printers, and more!

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Customer Buzz
 "Good on the technical nuts and bolts" 2008-07-27
By yockoon (Sydney, Australia)

This book is a walk through of the technical aspects of self publishing including how to use the software, what formats to publish in and so on.

Those looking for advice on marketing the finished product should look elsewhere.

Customer Buzz
 "Didn't hold my interest" 2008-02-08
By Gail Strumberger (Pewaukee, Wisconsin United States)
While there is good information in this book, it failed to hold my interest. It read more like a technical manual than a how-to. In addition, there was a lot more in it about publishing a downloadable ebook than about Print-On-Demand (which happens to be what I was looking for). If you want a step-by-step about how to put a downloadable PDF book together, this would help.

Customer Buzz
 "Contains insider info" 2006-07-20
By Boyd Stone (Austin, TX USA)
If your time is worth at least minimum wage, this book is worth $50. It's a steal at $15.

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Buy Self-Publishing EBooks and PODs: One Step at a Time - Second Edition Now

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