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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Microeconomics plus MyEconLab plus eBook 1-semester Student Access Kit (5th Edition)

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Students need to learn two skills in this course: they need to master the requisite micro theory, and at the same time develop their problem-solving skills. Microeconomics has become a market leader because Perloff presents theory in the context of real, data-driven examples, and then develops intuition through his hallmark Solved Problems. Students gain a practice perspective, seeing how models connect to real-world decisions being made in today’s firms and policy debates.

Introduction. Supply and Demand: Supply and Demand; Applying the Supply-and-Demand Model. Consumer Theory: Consumer Choice; Applying Consumer Theory. Theory of the Firm: Firms and Production; Costs. Perfect Competition: Competitive Firms and Markets; Applying the Competitive Model; General Equilibrium and Economic Welfare. Market Power and Market Structure: Monopoly; Pricing and Advertising; Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition; Game Theory. Factor Markets: Factor Markets and Vertical Integration; Interest Rates, Investments, and Capital Markets. Uncertainty, Missing Markets, and Limited Information: Uncertainty; Externalities, Commons, and Public Goods; Asymmetric Information; Contracts and Moral Hazards.

For all readers interested in algebra-based intermediate microeconomics.

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Customer Buzz
 "To be expected" 2009-09-22
By Cupcake
I'll admit, I didn't exactly expect to enjoy this book. I will say that it is ok for what it is. It uses a lot of really weird examples that don't make sense to me at all, which only confuses me. It's a text book, so I guess that's to be expected.

Customer Buzz
 "FANTASTIC SELLER" 2008-10-01
By Taylor Porter
Great product! What a deal! Fast shipping!

Will use again! Thanks!

Customer Buzz
 "Perloff Microeconomics book " 2008-09-24
By Kim L. Wagner
It's an alright book, but it's big and there's a lot of dense stuff in there.

Customer Buzz
 "Good Service" 2008-09-20
By Thu A. Le
I got the item quickly right after placing its order. The book came in condition describled. Good purchasing experience.

Customer Buzz
 "Witty!" 2006-02-27
By Akash (Washington, DC)
This book is hilarious at times, I mean, it teaches economics well also. But the best part is the dry, witty humor characteristic of Perloff himself...took a seminar with the guy, he ruleeeez, with a "z."

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Buy Microeconomics plus MyEconLab plus eBook 1-semester Student Access Kit (5th Edition) Now

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