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Friday, October 2, 2009

Sociology Now: The Essentials, Books a la Carte Plus MySocLab Pegasus

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Sociology Now reflects the discipline today and explores the big questions about multiculturalism and globalization that sociologists ask.


Sociology has always offered a way to make sense of the complex and sometimes contradictory forces that shape our social lives in any era. As Sociology Now explains sociology as both a body of knowledge and a "way of seeing," it shows how two such forces in particular have come to preoccupy sociologists and influence the way they look at the events and experiences of the early twenty first century:


The first is globalization--the economic, political, cultural, and social interconnections among people and institutions all over the world.


The second is multiculturalism--the recognition that race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and other statuses are sources of social inequality, but also the foundations of our identities.


Michael Kimmel, a leading sociologist and gender researcher, and co-author Amy Aronson, a journalist and media scholar, address these questions head-on as they make a compelling case for the importance of sociology in the contemporary world.


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Customer Buzz
 "Sociology book" 2009-06-30
By Lisa Skaanning (Council Bluffs, Ia)
I purchased this book for $40.00, and when I recieved it, on the front cover it says "free issue for professors to review and consider adopting" why did I pay for someone else's free book?

Customer Buzz
 "Well....there has got to be an easier way to learn Sociology." 2008-10-14
By W. Jenkins
You have to read each chapter word for word, or you will not gather enough information to understand the concepts. Explanations and examples are not precise. I'm sure there is an easier way to learn this subject. I would not recommend it.

Customer Buzz
 "Very Biased" 2008-09-30
By Jessica Hill (Las Vegas, NV USA)
I am a college student in Nevada and I have this book as the main text for my sociology class. Although this book is colorful, up-to-date, and slightly entertaining, it suffers from rank biases. The authors, especially Dr. Michael Kimmel, are very feminist, hate the so-called "heterosexual, white male" among other things and seem to have a problem with presenting sociology without an implicit ideological slant. Should these people even be writing a textbook? The goal of a textbook is to provide information so the student can come to conclusions on his/her own, not to sneak in a socio-political perspective in the back door. Regardless of the authors political opinions, they should have at least attempted to hide their biases so not to alienate their readers because everyone has DIFFERENT BELIEFS, we are not a monolithic species.

All I ask is just some level of objectivity because it is very annoying to read opinions presented as facts, regardless of political persuasion. Whether or not a person believes that all the world's problems are caused by heterosexuals, Christians, whites, or men, this should not be presented as FACT because at the end of the day it is just an opinion. It should not make it into an "objective" textbook. ~Jessica

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Buy Sociology Now: The Essentials, Books a la Carte Plus MySocLab Pegasus Now

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