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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Understanding Psychology, MyLab Edition (8th Edition)

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This book presents a scientific, accurate, and thorough overview of the essential concepts of psychology in engaging language that the average reader can easily comprehend. Topics include the science of psychology, the biological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, memory, cognition and mental abilities, motivation and emotion, life-span development, personality, stress and health psychology, psychological disorders, therapies, and social psychology.  For anyone who is interested in introductory psychology. Comes automatically with MyPsychLab, a robust online assessment resource which allows instructors to assess student progress and adapt course content to meet the needs of their class. MyPsychLab allows students to diagnose their progress and provides them with a variety of customizable resources to assist with their mastery of course concepts


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Customer Buzz
 "Thanks." 2009-09-18
By Nataliya Klymyuk
Thanks. I'm pretty happy with the book I got and the amount of time it took it to come to me.

Customer Buzz
 "Purchase of Understanding Psychology" 2009-02-28
By Yvonne H. Dien
The buyer was very helpful. The package took a long time to arrive, but she showed great customer service. This was my first time using Amazon too and at first I wasn't very happy because I really needed what I was purchasing. But after I got in contact with the seller, she showed that she cared.

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