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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chemical Principles

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Known for helping students develop the qualitative, conceptual foundation that gets them thinking like chemists, this market-leading text is designed for students with solid mathematical preparation and prior exposure to chemistry. The unique organization of the text supports this qualitative-to-quantitative approach. A strong emphasis on models and everyday applications of chemistry combines with a thoughtful, step-by-step problem solving approach to build conceptual understanding.

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Customer Buzz
 "Great Purchase" 2009-09-30
By Ki Cheng
I got this book for a great price. The book came in a timely manner and was revealed to be in great condition (as specified).

Thank you

Customer Buzz
 "Phenomenal (For a STRONG chemistry student)" 2009-09-28
By Christopher P. Olsen
First of all i want to say that Zumdahl is fantastic. I love his work and his textbooks.

Chemical principles is a rigorous and through college entry level chemistry textbook. It assumes a slight amount of previous knowledge of the material, but even without it, a mind designed for chemistry would have no problem learning from this textbook.

I find that many people are complaining about its difficulty because of the subject matter, not the book itself. This is not Zumdahl's chemistry, it is Chemical Principles, an honors level textbook. It is much more quantitative and shows many more derivations than his other textbooks, which for someone like me (a physics major) is absolutely what I look for in a textbook.

Bravo Zumdahl.

Customer Buzz
 "Not great condition" 2009-09-13
By Leslie (FL)
The textbook took several weeks to arrive, also the book was supposed to be in new condition, however when I got the book the binding was broken and the cover was deeply scratched, so the book was obviously not in new condition. The book took so long to arrive that I went out to a local bookstore and purchased a used book which was in better condition than the "new" book that I purchased from here. Nonetheless, the textbook has arrived and is usuable despite superficial flaws.

Customer Buzz
 "Thank You" 2009-09-10
By Jordan G. Henry
With college expenses being so high, it was nice to get a cheap textbook compared to the school bookstore prices.

Customer Buzz
 "Unnecessarily complicated" 2009-01-31
By Ivan Ilych
I transferred to a college which uses this textbook for their chemistry sequence, so I'm able to compare it to the one I used before. This textbook doesn't explain very well. Instead of presenting what's important, the author spends too much time deriving equations, something which first year chemistry students do not need to know. Important equations that are highlighted in my other chemistry textbook were not even highlighted or boxed in Zumdahl. If you have to use this textbook, good luck. If you have a choice or you're self-studying chemistry, stay away from Zumdahl. There are much better options.

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